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Gibunco Group

GSA is part of the GIBUNCO Group, a leading provider of shipping services, boasting a global presence and a prestigious maritime excellence. Our team of professionals have accrued many years of experience within the shipping industry and are committed to providing the highest standards of service to our principals and stakeholders.

We are proud of our reputation for reliability, efficiency, and professionalism, and we are constantly working to improve and enhance our services and processes to meet our principals’ requirements.

The Gibunco Group today is not only the most prominent private enterprise in Gibraltar, but also a leader in the international market. Our Worldwide Co-ordination Centres link with over 300 locations across the globe in the world’s major shipping routes, providing customers with comprehensive marine services, including underwater ship maintenance, ship agencies as well as other marine services. As an extension of our marine enterprises, Gibunco Group has also become a major land and property developer.

Having built solid foundations over the last 50 years, Gibunco Group’s long-term expertise, innovative equipment and enviable global network will ensure it remains at the forefront of marine sevices for many years to come.

The Gibunco Group ranks amongst the leaders in the Western Mediterranean, spanning sectors as diverse as oil and energy, shipping, maritime engineering, logistics, real estate and property development, the Group is unified by a focus on innovation and excellence.

Group History

The Gibunco Group began with the Bassadone family’s ship repair and ship agency operation in Gibraltar.

From these humble roots, this family-run business has grown to become a global player, with networking facilities across the globe including London, Singapore, Shanghai, Dubai, Athens, Spain and other European Ports.

Throughout this period of growth and diversification, we’ve maintained our family values, placing an emphasis on quality of service and focusing on each clients’ individual business needs. This combination of the highest levels of service with a personal touch continues to serve the group well when new opportunities for innovation and expansion arise.

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We provide the complete solution to our customers’ marine problems, operating from over 280 locations across the globe in the world’s major shipping routes, all managed from a single Co-ordination Centre.