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The Port of Las Palmas is a major seaport located on the island of Gran Canaria, which is one of the Canary Islands, an autonomous community of Spain.

  • It is situated in the city of Las Palmas, the largest city in the Canary Islands. The Port of Las Palmas is strategically positioned in the Atlantic Ocean and serves as an important maritime gateway for both domestic and international trade.
  • Located on the northeastern coast of Gran Canaria, it is a vital maritime connection between Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Due to its geographical position, it serves as a transhipment hub for cargo moving between these regions.
  • The port handles a wide variety of cargo, including containers, bulk cargo, general cargo, and even cruise ships. It is known for its strong presence in the transhipment of containers and is a key stopover for ships traveling between Europe and Africa or the Americas.
  • As a result, the port is equipped with modern facilities and infrastructure and superstructure to handle all types of maritime operations. Its advantages of EU law and the Schengen agreement also allows the prospect of performing Husbandry operations, in an area where the prospect is scarce, like Crew Changes for example.
  • We at GSA, have been serving vessels passing through this region since ** NEED DATE**. This extensive experience and expertise make us your trusted and reliable partner for your required maritime services at LAS PALMAS.


C/ Sao Paulo 17, Oficina 10-A.
El Sebadal,
35008 Las Palmas de GC