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Gibraltar, often referred to as “The Rock,” is a strategic maritime hub in the heart of the Mediterranean. It is known as a centre of maritime excellence with several key attributes:

  • Gibraltar is renowned for its role as the largest bunkering port in the Mediterranean. Its Strategic location makes it an ideal stopover for vessels transiting between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.
  • The availability of numerous bunker suppliers and state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure for refuelling at anchorage and berths, make it a preferred choice for the maritime industry.
  • Gibraltar’s geographical location at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar, makes it a crucial pit-stop for vessels before they enter the Atlantic Ocean. Its proximity to the entrance of the Mediterranean Sea and its easy access to the Atlantic Ocean makes it a vital waypoint for international shipping routes.
  • Gibraltar’s legal system is based on UK Common Law and its practices. This legal framework provides stability and reliability for port operators, ship-owners, and stakeholders.
  • It ensures that businesses in the maritime industry can benefit from well-established legal and regulatory procedures, including those related to immigration and customs.
  • Gibraltar offers a range of husbandry services, which are essential for vessels during their port calls. These services can include customs clearance, immigration services, crew support, and other logistics necessary for the smooth and efficient operation of vessels while in port. All governed by UK Common law, which enables the provision of many services.
  • We at GSA, have been serving vessels passing through this region since 1965. This extensive experience and expertise make us your trusted and reliable partner for your required maritime services at Gibraltar.


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