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The Port of Ceuta is a key maritime facility located on the northern coast of Morocco, near the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula. It serves as a crucial gateway for maritime trade and transportation in the region. Here are some key aspects of port operations in Ceuta:

  • The port of Ceuta is primarily a bunker port, bnkering can take place either at anchor (anchorage bunkering) or while the vessel is at berth in the port. The choice of method depends on the vessel’s needs
  • The port is equipped with the necessary infrastructure to facilitate bunkering operations, including dedicated berths and facilities for the safe and efficient transfer of fuel to vessels.
  • Availability of multiple bunker suppliers often results in competitive pricing, which can be advantageous for ship operators looking to refuel in Ceuta.
  • We at GSA, have been serving vessels passing through this region since ** NEED DATE**. This extensive experience and expertise make us your trusted and reliable partner for your required maritime services at CEUTA.


Muelle Cañonero Dato
Atraque 1, Planta baja
51001 Ceuta